Taste of Nomad September 2015

Taste of NomadTaste of Nomad is here again. This month we’re preparing for fall so jump into your boxes like a pile of leaves

For everyone else, well… you missed this month, but never fear you can sign up here to join in the fun in the following months:

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2014-01-29 13.39.12The pattern and yarn (aka the main event)


Crisp fall evenings are nearly here, the perfect time to take a stroll with our Take a Hike Boot Toppers.

These cute little toppers will keep those feet warm and toasty and prevent sneaky leaves (from running through piles of them) getting into your boots. Plus they look darn cute in KFI’s Jade, a beautiful chunky yarn with a touch or iridescence.


The food


Fall’s coming? Well that’s just peachy – literally. We love our summer garden, but nothing beats the last few weeks when those tomatoes and cucumbers you’re sick of by now fade away and the wonderful fruits you’ve been watching longingly all summer finally are ready to enjoy. We are lucky to have an abundance of peaches this year, for a few days they’re pretty much all we eat. Then there’s enough to freeze them to last the winter. This Peach Cobbler s one of our favorite dishes to enjoy right now or save to make on a cold winter’s day.


We snuck something else in too

Dig deep in those boxes everyone, a little something extra snuck in this month – we’re not giving away the surprise though.

Have fun in the evening sun!