Project of the Month Club


Launch for 2018 POM Clubs: 

Saturday, Jan 13 and Sun Jan 14, all day.  Come in for help selecting your yarn and other materials.  You will receive 10% off all your yarn!


Project of the Month Club 2018

 Each month, from February to November, we tackle a new skill and go over tips for making the parts you already know how to do go even more smoothly. The classes are designed to start with the most basic skills and get more advanced as we progress through the year, but they will all be stand alone classes (so if you need to miss one, it won’t be a big problem).

You truly only need to know the very basics (the knit and purl stitch for the knitting projects class or the chain, single and double crochet for the crochet class). If you don’t recognize a single technique on our list, that’s just fine, that’s why you need the class!


15 hours of class time                                                                                                                                                       $225

(10 x 1 hour monthly classes, 3 hour catch up session, 2 hour seaming and finishing party)


10 Nomad Original Patterns + handouts and a binder to keep it organized                                                             $25

Digital copy of patterns will be sent after your last class of the year

**$100 Discount For Doing the Package Year-Long Deal!**                      Total Class and Pattern Fee = $150

Yarn – These classes include all your yarn for the year’s worth of projects.

Knit Projects                       $209.90

Crochet Afghan                   $120-190 depending on yarn choice


Total Cost for a year of knitting classes and projects = $374.59 including tax

Total Cost for a year of crochet classes and projects = $278.40 – 353.30 including tax


Class Schedule 2018:


Both classes will meet the first Sunday of each month for 1 hour, to go over the techniques for the project that month and share your progress. The sit and knit space is always open after these classes for anyone to stay and knit or crochet awhile.


Crochet Projects Group Meets 1-2 pm


Knitting Projects Group Meets 3-4 pm


Monthly Classes Meet: Feb 4, March 4, April 1, May 6, June 3, July 1, Aug 5, Sept 2, Oct 7, Nov 4


Optional classes: Classes are for both groups, come for the entire time or just a portion, to get any extra help you need.

Make-up class for any you missed or need extra help with: Sun Nov 11 from 1-4 pm

Seaming and Finishing Party (or just show and tell J )– Sun Jan 6, 2019 from 1-3 pm

What will we be making?


 Meets 1st Sundays of the month 3-4 pm

Class Project Technique US Needle Size Yarn
Feb 4 Noro Hat Double Brim, Stripes 7 (16” circ or dpn) 2 Silk Garden (dc)
Mar 4 Chunky Mittens Two at a time 10 (32”+ circs) 1 Chunky Merino Superwash
April 1 Mosaic Mitts Mosaic Colorwork 2 dpn or ml 2 Rustic lace (dc)
May 6 Zippered Market Bag Enclosed zipper installation 6 1 Bombay
June 3 Mobius Wrap Mobius cast on and lace 7 (32”+ circs) 2 WYS Sock (sc)
July 1 Baby Sweater Top down Yoke sweater 6 (16” circ or dpn) 2 Sparklz (sc)
Aug 5 Ruffled Gloves Glove construction, ruffles 3 dpn or ml 1 Cash Fine
Sept 2 Comfy Boots Sewing to fabric 11 2 look (sc)
Oct 7 Smocked Cowl Smocking and Buttonholes 7 1 Pure Alpaca
Nov 4 Short Row Wrap Short Rows and Lace 10 2 Venezia (sc)

ml – magic loop, dc-different colors, sc-same colors