Episode 12: Mostly the Rest of Life

Whatcha Working on?

Dress Pattern Erica has been sewing for Poppy : See and Sew B6004

Erica’s knitting project page (pattern will be linked here when available) : Romantic Ruffles in Orange

Erica crochet project page (pattern linked when available): Flowers in Bruges

Pandoras Yarn Buttermilk

Rowan baby sweater pattern, Hazel

Cox’s Plant Farm

3 sisters planting

Indiana Fiber and Music Festival in Clarksville

Perpetual Painting – Dave’s miniature painting studio

Shameless Plug

Nomad Yarns Fall Retreat, Sept 9-10 at Camp Jameson in Indianapolis

Dave’s Other Craft

Recommended easy-to-get-into tabletop games:


Dark age

Warmachine or Hordes


Further Listening

Erica’s Parenting Podcasts – One Bad Mother and Growing Nimble Families

Dave’s pick of fringe science and claims of the paranormal podcast – Oh no Ross and Carrie


Music credit for our intro, outro and segment breaks: Scramby Eggs by Andy G. Cohen

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