Episode 13 High Vis Veg

Whatcha Working on?

Erica’s knitting project page (pattern will be linked here when available) : Romantic Ruffles in Orange

Erica crochet project page (pattern linked when available): Flowers in Bruges

Rowan baby sweater pattern, Hazel done in Pandoras Yarn Buttermilk

Yogurt recipe that usually works fine from Alton Brown (heat to 180 degrees, NOT the 120 the recipe says, he said it correctly on the show, for some reason the recipe has it wrong and there are a bunch of bad reviews of it because of this).

Perpetual Painting – Dave’s miniature painting studio

Witty Knits

Knitty.com did a good article about seaming a few years ago that says many of the things Erica mentioned, with visuals.  (this may actually have been where I got most of my info, but its been long enough I didn’t remember the origins of my seaming preferences).

Sponsored Pattern

Cabin Lights Cowl by Erica Kempf Broughton.  Lots of easy seaming practice!

Digging in the Dirt

Asparagus Beans

Around Town

Alton Brown’s show Eat Your Science

Our favorite TV show, Good Eats

Awesome pizza place around the corner from Clowe’s Memorial Hall in Butler, Napolese Pizzeria


Music credit for our intro, outro and segment breaks: Scramby Eggs by Andy G. Cohen


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