Episode 16 Why They Call it Horseradish

Whatcha Working On

Romantic Ruffles

Octopus Toy – Celia the Cephalopod

Double crochet squares

Perpetual Painting

Henry’s Attic

The Gathering Together

You Spin Me Right Round


Navajo Ply

Sponsored Pattern

Staying Put Wrap by Erica Kempf Broughton

In The Kitchen

Salad Theory – pick 1 element out of each category for a tasty summer salad!

Base – spinach, lettuce, or snap peas

Crunchy – croutons, apple, sunflower seeds, French fried onions

Salty – bacon, anchovies, capers

Spicy – radish, nasturtiums

Sweet – roast peppers, berries

Add a┬ásimple dressing – like oil and vinegar or lemon juice

Around Town

Concert by the Creek at Avon Park

Garfield Park Movies on the Lawn



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