Episode 25 Baked Potatoes for Everyone

Whatcha Working on?

Poppy’s Coat Pattern: McCalls M7013

Teeny Tiny Baby’s Sweater

Side Squiggle Hoodie for Poppy

Baby wearing shirt – NuRoo

Perpetual Painting – Dave’s painting business

Colorful Puddles

How to batik from Dharma Trading Company

Dave’s formula for dye dilution with batik spray dyeing

1/2 oz of powdered dye mix with water to fill a 32 oz mason jar (this gives approx. 10X strength)

Use 2 oz of this 10X mixture in an 8oz spray bottle with 2 tbsp. of washing sode

Sponsored Pattern

Luxury Ruffles Scarf by Erica Kempf Broughton


Santa Knits in September – 3 new patterns

Luxury Ruffles

Double Warm Brim Hat

Linen Buttoned Cowl

Dave did indeed appear to have made up the phrase ‘Beard Out’ to refer to the halo silk yarn can get (at least google hasn’t heard of it)

Further Listening

Sewing Out Loud

Self Sewn Wardrobe

OK Computer 20th anniversary album

The History of Rome Podcaster’s New Book – The Storm before the Storm

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